Catheter Tipping Equipment Manufacturing & RF Tipping - About


For over 30 years Vante has been a leader in the medical device manufacturing industry. With our innovative technology we are known for our creative solutions and our ability to improve efficiencies and reduce total operating costs.

Machine Solutions Inc. acquired Vante in September 2013, broadening its reach and bringing combined richness of culture and experience to the company through diversifying market leadership, aligning operational bases and expanding sales and distribution.

As a pioneer in radio frequency technology, Vante patented the first hand-held plastic tube sealer more than 25 years ago and continues to be one of the world's leaders in advancing technology for sealing, molding and welding plastic. Vante is a global company dedicated to the development of innovative technology and quality products for the medical manufacturing and biopharmaceutical industries.

We specialize in four categories:

  • Catheter Manufacturing equipment
  • Biopharmaceutical equipment
  • Industrial applications
  • OEM Solutions

Vante serves more than 500 customers in catheter manufacturing and biopharmaceutical companies.  We work with more than 23 global partners to distribute equipment that improves product quality, process reliability, and production output. Our dedicated research and development team designs all of our products and has been awarded more than 50 patents to date.